A fantastical road trip to discover one's muse.

Ozymandias Pg. 27

10th Feb 2021, 12:42 AM in Chapter 1: Ozymandias
Ozymandias Pg. 27
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Author Notes:

CAPTAIN CAPSLOCK 10th Feb 2021, 12:42 AM
Lines and colors by Laura Jones, sketch and panels by Roman Jones
Deviantart HemlockMilk
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Vik Machacku 10th Feb 2021, 1:12 AM
Vik Machacku
Colorist, inker, co-writer here - I have a ko-fi https://ko-fi.com/hemlockmilk

I understand that it's great to read this for free but please, consider donating just a dollar, or at least share and follow. I stream every page, along with lot of other art. Follow me on ko-fi to get notifications about the streams.
TheStratovarian 10th Feb 2021, 1:16 AM
The look of horror here is perfect!
...(RockB) 22nd Feb 2021, 3:55 AM
OK, subscribed after seeing 3 pages. The artwork is fantastic. I'll see about the story :)